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Other filing software

Committees can choose among several software alternatives to FECFile, the FEC's free filing software. The FEC doesn't endorse or approve any software, but it does maintain a list of software packages that allow committees to upload properly formatted files to the FEC system.

Software options

The following companies have contacted the FEC and indicated that they are implementing electronic filing. The tools that facilitate doing so are available to anyone who wishes to use them. Check with software vendors be sure they support electronic filing with the FEC.

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Company Name Software Package Web Site Email Address Phone Number Status
1801 Technology Holdings LLC ACME Filer
720 Strategies PACMaster
AVF Consulting, Inc. Microsoft Dynamics NAV; FEC Reporting
Advantage microPAC PAC Software and Outsourcing Services Advantage MicroPAC
Aegis Premier Technologies AegisCRM
All Around Campaigns FEC Electronic Filing Compliant
AmeriCan GOTV Enterprises, LLC GOTV Campaign Optimizer
American Political Webware Ampolweb
Aristotle International, Inc. Aristotle 360
Aristotle International, Inc. Campaign Manager
BlueUtopia BlueUtopia FEC Reporting
CMDI CMDI Crimson Filer
CQ Roll Call Capwiz PACbuilder
Campaign Deputy Campaign Deputy
Campaign Deputy, LLC Campaign Deputy
Campaign Finance Technologies BlitzFile
ChangeTomorrow ChangeTomorrow
Cision US Inc. Cision PAC Management
Cision Us Inc. Cision PAC Management
Coalesce Integration Specialists BackOffice
DDC Democracy Direct
Data+Imagination, Inc. VoteTech
DirectFile, Inc. DirectFile
Donelson and Associates microPAC Political Action Committee InfoSystem and Outsourcing Services
EFO Web Services EFO Web Services
ElecTek USA ElecTek
EveryAction EveryAction
Filpac LLC Filpac
FrontRunner LLC FrontRunner
Hannibal Software Inc. Hannibal Software
Hannibal Software, Inc. Hannibal/ Landslide ISPolitical
Keel Systems LLC
MPower Systems Public Policy Group MPower Systems
MURRAYCOM.COM The Focus System
MrDistrict LLC MrDistrict
NGP VAN, Inc. NGP Campaign Office
NetCentrics Corporation SitScape
NetFile NetFile
PAC Outsourcing, LLC Vocus
PAC Services LLC
PACSmart Filing Services LLC PACsmart Filing Services
PASOFT solutions PAM Public Affairs Management
PASoft Solutions &SERVICES, Inc. PASoft PAC Manager
Patton Technologies, LLC PT Campaign Suite; PT Database PT Financial PT Disclosure?
Paula Y. Edwards
Paula Y. Edwards, CPA, MST Electionmachine
Political Compliance Services Inc. Complete Compliance Systems
PrimaryTheRinos.Org FECFile
ProAmerica360 ProAmerica360
Public Affairs Support Services PASS
Q.E.D., Inc. Pundit/2000
QwikCompliance, Inc. QwikCompliance FEC Reporting Software
RACE-TRAX Political Software
RDE System Support Group Visual Elect
Red Curve Vortex
Red Curve Solutions Vortex
Sage Systems Sage ListManagerT v1.0
Schweitzer Laboratories 4US
SparkInfluence SparkPAC
Spoke Partners LLC Spoke Partners PAC Manager
Statecraft Campaign Craftware
Statecraft Inc. Craftware Express
Statecraft, Inc. Campaign Craftware
The Synetech Group, Inc.
Trail Blazer Campaign Services Trail Blazer
Trail Blazer Campaign Services Inc Campaign Manager
Trail Blazer Campaign Services, Inc Trail Blazer

Developer and vendor information


Electronic filing requires the use of special data formatting and upload procedures that can best be accomplished by software written specifically for this purpose. The software must be capable of creating a file in the proper format, validating and encrypting the file and uploading the file to the FEC.

Vendor tools

The vendor tool package download includes:

  • Electronic filing specifications: format layouts and technical specifications for all reports and schedules required to be filed with the FEC.

  • Validation software: a program designed to check files, ensuring compliance with the format requirements. Sample files that comply with the validation specifications are also included.

  • Upload utility and report image rendering: files necessary to upload validated reports to the FEC website using TCP/IP and SSL, as well as files necessary to render a report image from data.

The Web services includes:

  • Electronic filing specifications: format layouts and technical specifications for all reports and schedules required to be filed with the FEC.

  • Web check: audits report data looking for problems with structure, format, and various other aspects of the data. A report is produced showing any problems found, providing you an opportunity to make corrections prior to uploading the report.

  • Web print: render a printable PDF representation of your FEC report. The report data will be stamped onto official FEC form templates. Examples of these forms are available on the FEC Website at

  • Web load: safely and securely transmits your report to the FEC. If any problems are encountered during the process, Web Upload will terminate the upload session and report back status.

  • API Key: code to use free efiling services provided by FEC. All software vendors need to register to get API key.


During the electronic filing process, the file is received and evaluated to verify that the it has been correctly formatted and that all necessary information is properly included. The FEC does not officially endorse or approve electronic filing software products. Any software package or other computer process that can produce and upload properly formatted files may be used for electronic filing.