Electronic Filing RSS Feed Help

The Electronic Filing RSS feed provides the ability to search and download recently filed reports. This can be done automatically (via the RSS reader) or manually (through scrolling the web page). Interested entities no longer need to auto-scan the Commission’s Electronic Filing Report Retrieval on the FEC website to get the latest information. Reports for the last seven days are posted here and are available for immediate access. To facilitate report retrieval, interactive client RSS reader software is supported as well as custom developed applications (See the Technical Information section of this User Guide).  The User Guide may also be in PDF format by clicking the following .

NOTE: To view the PDF version of the User Guide, Adobe Reader must be installed. You may obtain it by clicking the following icon Get Acrobat Reader web logo



The RSS feed URL is located at http://efilingapps.fec.gov/rss



Help List of Pre-Generated RSS

Help Custom RSS Feed With Committee ID(s)

Help Custom RSS Feed

Help Technical Information

List of Pre-Generated RSS

The list of pre-generated RSS feeds contains a set of filtered feeds of electronically submitted reports for the last seven days.

·         New Electronic Filings              All recently filed electronic reports

·         Monthly Filings                        Recently filed electronic Monthly reports (M2, M3, M4..etc)

·         Quarterly Filings                       Recently filed electronic Quarterly reports (Q1, Q2, Q3..etc)

·         Presidential Filings (F3P)          Recently filed electronic Presidential reports based on the form type (F3PN, F3PA, or F3PT)

·         Congressional Filings (F3)        Recently filed electronic Congressional reports based on the form type (F3N, F3A, F3LN, F3LA or F3T)

·         PAC and Party Filings (F3X)    Recently filed electronic PAC and Party reports based on the form type (F3XN, F3XA, or F3XT)


Custom RSS Feed With Committee ID(s)

The RSS Feed can be custom filtered to one or more than one Committee ID using this section. If more than one committee ID is entered they must be separated by a comma (e.g. C00505412, C00513531).



Custom RSS Feed

The RSS Feed can be custom filtered even further to provide a narrower feed by using this section.  The selectable fields can be multi-selected while the District field only accepts a single two digit number entry.  The available fields to filter on are as follows:

·         Form Type (Form 3, Form 3X, Form 3L ..etc),

·         Party Affiliation (DEM, REP ..etc),

·         State (The RSS defaults to the Committee State if the Candidate State unavailable), and

·         District (This field is strictly provided from the Committees’ Candidate District. Committees without a Candidate District will not display in result).



Technical Information

The FEC provides the following technical information to assist developers needing to integrate the feed into their applications:

The RSS page complies with RSS 2.0 specification.  For interactive client RSS reader, the data display is usually self-explanatory. Information for each new filing is embedded in a RSS item, as illustrated below. 


          <title>New Filing By ENDORSE LIBERTY, INC</title>


         <description>&lt;p&gt;The ENDORSE LIBERTY, INC successfully filed  their F24A  with a confirmation ID of FEC-786581&lt;/p&gt;*********CommitteeId: C00508002 | FilingId: 786581 | FormType: F24A | CoverageFrom:  | CoverageThrough:  | ReportType: *********


       <pubDate>Thu, 24 May 2012 17:59:32 GMT</pubDate>


The <title> element content format is “New Filing By <CommitteeName>”; the <link> element contains the URL to download the actual FEC filing; the <pubDate> element is for when the new filing is received by FEC;  

The <description> element contains two portions of data. The first part is intended for interactive client RSS reader.  The second part, starting and ending with boundary delimiter “;*********”, is reserved for custom applications to easily embed and retrieve Meta information for the filing with minimum program effort.  The Meta information is embedded with the format of:

            *********<keyName1> : <keyValue1> | <keyName2> : <keyValue2>*********

 The <keyValueN> may be empty. Note that the <description> element content is HTML-encoded to improve the display for interactive RSS reader. Although rare, it is possible that the Meta information is encoded with HTML entity expressions. So developers should first HTML-decode the <description> element content before processing the Meta information.

The format of the <description> data is designed so that the information can be displayed reasonably well by interactive RSS reader; still allow flexible inclusion of Meta information that can be easily processed by programs, requiring only minimum functions for the RSS parser library to be used by custom applications.